What to see in La Rochelle?

Wether you’re staying with us for just a weekend or an entire week we will help you plan an itinerary of all the things to see around town.

An open window on the Atlantic shore, a few minutes by car or by boat from l’Île de Ré, La Rochelle is full of activities suited for all tastes and all ages.

Renowned for its life and dynamism, La Rochelle offers a wide array of activities all year around. Music festivals, film marathons and themed exhibitions, there will be something for everybody!

Visit La Rochelle

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Vieux-Port de La Rochelle

Vieux-Port in La Rochelle

At the centre of the town lies the Old Harbour, after which our hotel is named. It is the historical heart of the town, something you have to see during your stay
Un Hôtel sur le Port - Les Tours de La Rochelle

La Rochelle Towers

The Towers of La Rochelle frame the mouth of the harbour, and are the true symbols of the town. A visit of la Tour de la Chaîne, la Tour Saint Nicolas or La Tour de la Lanterne is a must.
Un Hôtel sur Le Port - La Rochelle - Grande Roue

Ferris wheel

An eagle eye point of view on the Vieux-Port, on the Gabut, or the Saint-Nicolas area, the Ferris wheel is the ideal way to discover another side of the town.
Un Hôtel sur le Port - La Rochelle - Quartier des Arcades

Quartier des Arcades

These stone arches covering the streets are a key part of the unique architecture of La Rochelle. A walk under them is the perfect way to discover the calm way of life the city inspires.

What to do in La Rochelle?

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Aquarium de La Rochelle

La Rochelle Aquarium

At the center of life of La Rochelle lies maritime conservation. In the aquarium d you’ll discover over 600 species of sea life. Between sharks, fishes, turtles and all kinds of seaweed, there’s so much to discover.
Un Hôtel sur le Port - Musée Maritime de La Rochelle

Maritime Museum

If you’re taken with the need to learn more about the history of town, the maritime museum is the place to go. Its exhibition relates the relationship the town has with the ocean and is full of
Un Hôtel sur le Port - Promenade Côtière des Minimes

Coastal Walk

Just along the harbour is a hidden pathway. Walking along the water and taking in the sun the perfect way to spend a couple hours away from everything. If the coast is clear you might even spot the mysterious lighthouse between the waves.
Un Hôtel sur le Port - La Rochelle - Croisières Inter-Îles

Inter-island cruises

Board a day cruise on the Vieux-Port and travel by sea on the Croisière Inter-Îles boats. They’ll take you to the famous Fort Boyard, l’Île d’Aix or l’Île de Ré.


Un Hôtel sur le Port - Francofolies La Rochelle


Un Hôtel sur le Port - Grand Pavois La Rochelle

Grand Pavois

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Sarabande des Filles La Rochelle


Un Hôtel sur le Port - Festival international du Film de La Rochelle

Film Festival

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Marathon La Rochelle

La Rochelle Marathon

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Cavalcade de La Rochelle


Un Hôtel sur le Port - Fête du Port de Pêche La Rochelle

Fishing Port Festival

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Salon Atlantica La Rochelle

Atlantica Trade Fair