Visit La Rochelle

Visit La Rochelle, the capital of Charente-Maritime. Discover, among other things the Vieux-Port, the Quartier des Arcades and the Towers framing the view.

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Vieux-Port de La Rochelle

Le Vieux-Port the historical heart of the town of La Rochelle

From the Hundred’s Year War all the way to the French Revolution, this harbour is what connected La Rochelle to the rest of the world. Due to its soul and its strong personality the harbour has continued to be the beating heart of the town since 13th century. Today you can enjoy the view and the atmosphere from the many bars and cafés that punctuate the shore.

Since 2015, the quai Duperré has been fully renovated to enhance the experience of pedestrians. Wether you choose to walk, bike or travel by Segway, it is impossible not to enjoy the view and the douceur de vivre.

While you enjoy your walk, why not stop at Ernest le Glacier for some world-renowned icecream. In the evening it is worth staying around to enjoy the beautiful sunset that shines between the two towers.

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Les Tours de La Rochelle

The Towers of La Rochelle, ten centuries of history.

Key elements of the town’s heritage, the three towers still stand guard over the harbour as they have done for centuries. The Tour de la Chaîne and the Tour Saint-Nicolas, also called ‘the two sisters’ are the main door from the sea into the harbour. La Tour de la Lanterne, a very old lighthouse was written about by François Rabelais and is recognisable by its eight sided gothic spire.

Dating all the way back from the 13th century, all three towers are now open to the public. On top of learning more about the history of the town, a beautiful view on the ocean awaits you once you reach the top.

Did you know? The Tour Saint-Nicolas recently became a spot for extreme sports fan. Each year the Red Bull Cliff Diving competition gives divers the opportunity to jump from eight stories high into the sea.

Un Hôtel sur Le Port - La Rochelle - Grande Roue

The iconic La Rochelle Ferris wheel.

Just outside our Hôtel sur le Port, stands the Ferris wheel. From the end of March all the way to the end of the year it overlooks the harbour. From its towering 40 meters high, take to the skies and enjoy a point of view on the town like no other. Take in the sight of the boats masts doting the blue waters and the roofs of the old buildings. At nights you’ll enjoy the colours de of the town and their reflections on the ocean,

Un Hôtel sur le Port - La Rochelle - Quartier des Arcades

Le Quartier des Arcades, beating heart of the town.

Dating all the way back to the Middle Ages, the iconic stones arches of La Rochelle are one of the most striking architectural parts of the area. Underneath them are tucked small shops and boutiques, and if you look up you might spot a few gargoyles and sculpted faces.

This area is the most dynamic part of the town, a lovely contrast with the calmness of the seaside. Walking along the arcades you’ll eventually reach the marketplace, the Marché Central, a feat of 19th century architecture. If you choose to go early in the morning, it is the best place in town to take in the fresh and local produces,