There’s always something to do in La Rochelle

Why not visit in the Aquarium of La Rochelle, or the Maritime Museum? Or go on anadventure with the Croisières Inter-Îles cruise or for a stroll along the Promenade Côtière?

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Aquarium de La Rochelle

The Aquarium of La Rochelle, treasures of the ocean

Dive into the heart of the sea for just an afternoon, as the aquarium is located five minutes away from the hotel. You’ll spot jellyfishes, sharks and turtles. Over 600 species of sea life await you.

Stroll along the rooms divided into the different aquatic biomes: Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Indopacific and many more. Suitable for all ages, the Aquarium of La Rochelle is the best place to both learn and have fun.

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Musée Maritime de La Rochelle

The Maritime Museum, cultural heritage between land and sea.

In the rare case of a rainy afternoon, the perfect place to satisfy your curiosity would be the Maritime Museum. Only a few minutes away from the hotel, located in the Espace Encan the museum offers not only exhibition visits but also tours of famous boats. You’ll be immersed into the maritime past of La Rochelle and you’ll have the opportunity to visit iconic ships that shaped the history of the town.

The museum also fills a political role, trying to teach its visitors about the importance of the ocean and the role it plays into the climate cycle. We wholeheartedly recommend the “Climat Ocean” exhibition if you want to learn more about the subject.

Un Hôtel sur le Port - Promenade Côtière des Minimes

Coastal Walk, and the search for the Phare du Bout du Monde.

A short walk away from the hotel, towards the neighbourhood Les Minimes, lies a hidden pathway. A perfect walk to take by foot of by bike, this stroll along the sea is the perfect pause one might need in a busy holiday. You’ll reach a sightseeing spot where you might be able to see famed lighthouse called “the one at the end of the world”

This lighthouse is an exact replica of the one built in Patagonia on 1884, and the perfect place to take a few pictures wrought out of a travel magazine.

Un Hôtel sur le Port - La Rochelle - Croisières Inter-Îles

Cruises Inter-îles, a journey towards the horizon.

Due to its unique location on the Atlantic coast, La Rochelle offers many boat tours around the shore. To enjoy this trip between friends or as a family, the meeting point is on the Vieux-Port under the Inter-Îles banner.

There’s you’ll be able to choose between many types of cruises. You’ll be able to discover the surrounding islands, to admire the sturdy Fort Boyard or to simply enjoy the sea air during a tour on a sailing boat. One less well known tour we recommend is the “trois ports visit” where you’ll discover both of La Rochelle’s harbours as well as the ruins an old WW2 base.